Internet and AV

Internet / Network Services

Wireless internet (connect to Exhibitor WiFi) can be purchased via credit card on your device for $19.95 for the day. FREE PUBLIC WIFI is available in all first level lobbies.

If you have additional internet services requirements contact Smart City Networks.

Smart City Networks is the exclusive provider of wired and wireless Internet and networking for the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC).  Contact Smart City Networks at 800.214.7780 or 612.335.6165.  The following is a link to a PDF with pricing information.

Pricing Information (pdf)

Audio Visuals

If you need any audio visuals for your exhibit booth, contact Exhibitor Services at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 612.335.6550 or click on the link below and select AV and Cable services for pricing.

Equipment Rental Packages

Equipment Rental Pricing