Resume Time

If you are planning on attending one of our events, you will need to have a killer resume. Resume writing is a lost art. We find that so many people fresh out of college have no idea how to write a proper resume. If you are completely at a loss as to how to create the perfect killer resume, you might consider a resume writing service like this.  If you have the needed basic skills to make one yourself, here are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Keep It Relevant
    You do not need to overwhelm your resume with every single thing you have ever done. Try to keep it relevant to the job at hand. This might mean altering your resume to the particular job that you are applying for. Keep a master list of all your jobs, achievements, etc and edit it for the job that you are applying for.
  • Less Is Better
    If you can list all of your experience and achievements on one page, you will make it easier for the recruiter or HR. They have a lot of resumes to pour through s if you get to the point, you will make it easier for them to single you out.
  • Use Keywords
    Look at the description of the job that you are applying for and identify a few keywords that are used often. Incorporate them in your work experience so that you stand out to your recruiter.
  • Show Related Interests
    Feel free to include an Interests section if they apply to the job that you are applying for. Showing an interests in cars may make you a better candidate for an automobile parts manufacturer for example.
  • Short Timers Not Welcome
    If you had a job where you only stayed for a few months, you might be better off not mentioning it at all. You can make up for missing tie gaps by listing your big jobs with starting years instead of months.
  • Check For Errors
    There is nothing worse than a spelling or grammatical error on a resume. Proofread it and ask a friend or family member to do so as well. A good trick to find missing errors is to put it away for 24 hours before proofing it.
  • Keep Your Skills Relevant
    No need to list every skill that you have. List the skills that you have that are distinctly relevant to the job that you are applying for. No need to tell them that you know how to use Word like a million other people.