In Demand Job Skills

Looking to get some attention at the next job fair? There are skills that employers ate looking for and we would like to let you know just what they are. Here are some of the top kills that employers are looking for and how to get them.

Positive Attitude

Nobody wants to work with a downer. A downer brings the whole team down and usually is unproductive. Project a positive attitude by always looking your best. Keep your clothes neatly pressed, your hair perfectly groomed and always try to smile when possible. When you write your resume, try to project an attitude of positivity and optimism of the future.

Good Communication Skills

You can show this by forming a well written resume that cuts to the point. Use grammar perfectly and have somebody read it to make sure it flows smoothly. When interviewing, the best way to show good communication is to listen carefully. Listen to the questions that are being asked of you so that you can come up with an answer that makes sense to your interviewer.


Show that you are willing to learn. You can do this by expressing a desire to grow in your position and move into more advanced roles. In addition, show ways that you have learned and adapted at other jobs to meet the needs of your employers. Businesses want people who can adapt to different roles and change as the position changes.

Problem Solving Ability

The ability to work through a problem and handle it yourself without supervision is a great one. Companies and managers do not want to have to babysit all of their employees. Be able to show on your resume and explain in person how you faced a problem in the past and came up with a solution.

Computer Skills

The ability to plug you right into a system is much sought after. Try to learn as many computer skills as you can. You should make yourself familiar with every Microsoft program out there. Be proficient in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Practice these programs at home, it takes quite a bit of time to become proficient.

Neat Appearance

You should not expect to get far looking like a slob. Take care to make sure that you are presentable at all times. This means breaking out the iron every night, keeping your hair trimmed or cut regularly and proper hygiene. Take pride in your appearance and it will pay off. Do not have the money to spend on a big wardrobe? Shop discount clothing stores and thrift shops if needed