You Are Not Entitled To Promotions

If you want to get somewhere, you need to work for it. This has been the case from the beginning of time and it remains the case. Unfortunately, this is a message that has gotten lost. These days many millennials seem to think that if they have a degree, they will get a six figure salary handed to them. That six figure salary will, of course, also come with a 40 hour work week. We should all be that lucky.

Unfortunately, millennials are due for a rude awakening. To make it big, you need to work for it. This means putting in the time and proving yourself. A college degree by itself is not special. To separate yourself from the pack, you need to put in the time. Here is what you need to do in order to be successful and separate yourself from the pack.

  • Be prepared to do the work.
    If you think that you can get ahead in management working just 40 hours a week, you are wrong. That is the absolute minimum that you can put into work and it will yield minimum results. In truth, successful people work a lot more than 40 hours. Think more in the neighborhood of 60 to 80 hours a week. Sound like a lot? It really isn’t and if you choose a field that you really like, it is a breeze.
  • Do not expect things to be handed to you.
    The thing that really annoys the old generation about the new generation is the feeling of entitlement. You got a degree, great. That does not entitle you to anything, that just gets you in the door. Now, you are going to have to work to get what you want, advancement. Luckily, if you have this attitude of being willing to work, you will rise quickly because you will be in the minority.
  • Go above and beyond.
    The tendency these days seem to be to do just as much as is requested and no more. Go above and beyond and wow your supervisors. Soon you will find that you have set yourself apart from your piers and will be the next in line for promotions.
  • Limit sick time.
    Yes, you get a set amount of sick time per year but you do not have to use it. Put yourself in your bosses shoes. A promotion is under review and you have two candidates. One has taken no sick time and another has maxed it out over the last year at ten days. Who gets the upper hand for the promotion, all else being equal? Who would you hire?
  • Dress the part.
    If you want to be successful, you need to project the look of a successful person. Dress for the role that you want, not for the role that you are in. If that means spending more on clothing, so be it. Adjust your budget to allow you to invest in yourself and reap the rewards.