John Winkle – A Success Story

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, things like UMJF activities have been pretty much been shut down. We want you to know that we are still here and are continuing to work behind the scenes however. We still plan to make 2020 a successful year although we are admittedly off to a slow start.

We thought we would send out some inspiration to all of our members, former members and fair participants in the form of a success story. So, without further ado, introducing Johnathon Winkle.

John Winkle

John, as he likes to go by came to us 2 years ago at a job fair in the midwest. We should be clear with the fact that John is not his real name. Although he is happy with his experience with the UMJF, John did not want to have his name on the internet. Understood, so we are using an alias instead.

We found John, or he found us rather, at a job fair we were holding in the Midwest and to say that he was enthusiastic about the opportunity was an understatement. John had just gotten married and was happily expecting a new child. As you all know, children are a blessing but they come with a lot of responsibility. It takes a lot of things to raise a family and one of them is money.

John was wasting away in the lower realms of fast food management. That of course meant a lot of work and little money. We met with John and help set him on the course for upper management. John already had an associates degree but he would need more. We helped him enroll in courses to teach him excel, powerpoint, etc and then encouraged him to enroll in a local college to get a bachelors degree.

Upon finishing his office program classes, we were able to help John obtain a lower level management position in a fortune 500 company. The pay was immediately better and the work hours afforded him the time that he needed for family and school.

We asked John to check back in with us once he finished his degree and report on his progress. We are happy to report that all is well.

Present Day Success

We are happy to report that John is now working for a finance company that specializes in outdoor equipment loans. They specialize in the sub prime market and offer everything from camping gear financing to kayak financing. John works there leading a team of 5 and says that the future looks good.

It just goes to show you that with a solid plan and a bit of dedication, you can truly succeed in this life. Without a plan John would probably still be stuck in a go nowhere job and scraping by living paycheck to paycheck.

If you see some of yourself in John and where he was so many years ago, reach out. We would love to help you develop a plan to change your life.