About UMJF

UMJF or the Upper Management Job Fair is a traveling job fair intended to put management in front of employers. Good leadership is hard to come by and some major companies are eager to fill their management needs.

UMJF is Looking For You

The UMJF might be for you if you are looking to advance your career in a number of different fields. Here are the type of people that we are looking for to attend our shows.

  • Those with years of down to earth management experience.
    Even if you do not have the diploma, your skills are much in demand. Experience can often make up for a college degree in the eyes of major companies.
  • Those with college degrees and little real time experience.
    If you are fresh out of college and looking for that first time job, our job fair is for you. Entry level positions are available to get your career started
  • Those willing to relocate.
    Although not a requirement, those who are willing to relocate for a job are of high demand. Many employers are offering sign up bonuses that include money for relocation expenses.

UMJF is Coming To You

Check the front page of the website for upcoming events. Our job fair is traveling the country and will be setting up shop at a location near you. Admission is free when you pre-register.